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Technopark Premier League 2018

 MPS INDIA TPL 2018 matches will commence on 3rd Feb 2018.

Inauguration will be held on 1st Feb.

Matches will be conducted in three phases,
Phase I – Qualifying round,
Phase II – Qualifying round and
Phase III – Championship round.

There are 128 teams. 46 teams will play in the Phase I;
12 teams will qualify to phase II and join 42 direct entrants.

There are 40 direct entrants in phase III-Championship round;
8 teams from Phase II will qualify to the championship round.

Winners of each group of Phase III will qualify for the Pre-quarter matches.

All phases will be played on league cum knockout format.
All matches except finals of each phases shall be of 8 overs.

Tournament Rules and Regulations:

  1. Matches will be played with Tennis ball (Famex brand). And length of the pitch will be 19 yards.
  2. Size of the blade of the bat is limited to a max. of 4.25 cm.
  3. Tournament is restricted only to the companies working in Technopark
  4. Eligibility of players: The players shall be either regular employees of the company or working on a valid contract at least one month before the date of notification of the tournament.Part time employees are not allowed to participate .
  5. Combined teams: Two or more companies can join together to form a team subject to the condition that none of these companies have fielded a team of their own
  6. A company can field a maximum of 3 teams.
  7. Companies who have offices outside Technopark may include in their playing XI a maximum of 4 players who are working in offices outside Technopark campus.This facility is only limited to the offices functioning in the district of Trivandrum. In case of combination teams the same proportion of 7:4 has to be maintained by each companies(fractions rounded off to the nearest whole number)
  8. Tournament will be conducted in two or more phases, the structure of which will be decided and announced after the process of team registration.
  9. All the phases will be played on league cum knock out basis. All matches shall be of 8 overs unless specified otherwise.
  10. No player shall be allowed to play without proper cricketing dress or shoes
  11. Bowling quota: A bowler can bowl a maximum of 1/5th of the total no of overs. For this purpose fractions will be rounded off to the next higher number. However in a completed innings minimum of five bowlers should be used.
  12. Free hit will be given in a ball following a no ball.
  13. Power play: The first over of an innings shall be mandatory power play. Only two fielders shall be allowed to field outside the 20 yard circle.
  14. Rain rules: If a match could not be completed due to rain /bad light;
    1. During league phase, the winner shall be decided on the basis of better overall run rate, provided the second batting team has completed minimum of five overs. Otherwise the points will be shared.
    2. During the knock out stage, winner shall be decided on better overall run rate, provided the second batting team has completed 4 overs. Otherwise bowl out method shall be used to find the winners.
  15. Points: During league phase a team shall be awarded points for a win, Zero points for a loss, and point for draw/ abandoned /tie match.
  16. Tied Match: In case of a tie in a knock out match, the winner shall be decided by Super over or bowl out method subject to availability of time with preference to Super Over.
  17. Standings in a pool: Position of a team in a pool is decided by the total points earned, if found equal net run rate will be taken into consideration.
  18. Formula for calculation of Net Run Rate (NRR)text{tournament net run rate }=frac{text{total runs scored in all matches}}{text{total overs faced in all matches}} - frac{text{total runs conceded in all matches}}{text{total overs bowled in all matches}}
  19. Registration of the players: All teams should register their players (minimum at least 7 days before the commencement of the tournament.
  20. Subsequent registration: No player shall be allowed to play a match if he is not registered at least 48 hours before the match.
  21. Identity of players: It is mandatory that copy of official identity card issued by the respective companies shall be uploaded while registering the players.The original should be produced during the match.
  22. Disqualification: Any team found to have used any sort of manipulations with regard to the identity of players, is liable to be disqualified from the tournament . Such issues will be reported to the Technopark administration.
  23. The companies shall be liable to produce any documents called for proving the genuineness of the players in case of a complaint .The documents may include salary certificates,relevant bank statements,PF/ IT records ,signed contract documents or any such documents relevant and satisfactory to prove the eligibility of players
  24. Walkover: If any team fails to report in time, the opponents will be given walk over and the points earned by them if any in the other match in the pool shall stand scrapped.
  25. No.of players: No team will be allowed to play with less than 8 players on the field, except in a situation where 3 or more players had to leave the ground due to injuries during the match.In case of violation, the match shall be awarded to the opponents
  26. Protests: Protests if any shall be lodged within 2 hrs. from the completion of the match with a fee of Rs1000/- refundable only if the complaint is upheld.
  27. Disputes: Technopark administration will not interfere in settling any disputes.The responsibility in settling the disputes vests solely with the organizers (Murugan Cricket Club) The disputes shall be settled by the three tier dispute redressal mechanism as described in annexure 1.
  28. All participants shall submit a signed copy of Entry form provided in annexure 2.