About Us


Five decades ago, a group of boys in the puthen street area, in their early teens, started playing cricket in the premises of Murugan temple near south fort, dreaming, like all boys of their age, of reaching the top echelon of country’s cricket. As a beginning in 1967 they started a cricket club, little knowing that they were instigating the birth of an institution, which would become luminary in the annals of club cricket in Trivandrum.

As was the norm in those days among the children, name of a god, Lord Murugan, was given to the club, hoping that it will help in bringing fame and glory to the club.

In to the Official League

In 1977 club entered the A division league and weathered many a storm to retain the place in the A division continuously for thirty years .In late seventies and early Eighties the practice was confined to the regular tennis ball outings at the south street -park near the south fort. It was only the uncompromising attitude and challenging nature of the members brought in glory to the team. Plagued by financial constraints the club struggled a lot and it went to the extent that the club had to wait for the secondhand cricketing gears to come to the market. In spite of all these, the club won many a tournaments in and outside Trivandrum.

Turning point

In 1983 the club laid a matting wicket at Govt Central High School, Attakkulangara, and Trivandrum. That effort fetched the club a lot of talented youngsters who could don the colors of the district, zone and the state. In 1989 the school authorities withdrew the permission for the practice due to some technical reasons and the club had to find an alternative at a private property at Valiavila which is more than 7 kms away from the city.In 1997 a few of the members joined together to purchase a plot at konchiravila 3 km away from East fort and laid a concrete pitch there. The lack of a common place and regular cricket has done a lot of harm to the club visa-vis its contemporaries and competitors.

On its own Identity

Right from the beginning the club inculcated a culture in its members which no one else can claim ever. That was a culture of true sports man spirit, integrity, sincerity, honesty, sacrifice and a big sense of personal discipline. The club never believed in ‘taking’ players from outside to boost the chances of the club for any specific purpose but believed only in making players and personalities to serve cricket for a long time. This is reflected in the fact that the club has won the best disciplined team where ever such an award was given.

Silver Jubilee

In 1992 the club celebrated its Silver jubilee Year. Those days since there were only a very few cricket tournaments in the capital, the youngsters seldom got opportunities to display there caliber. So the club thought and planned an All Kerala Cricket Tournament to commemorate the silver jubilee.