The grip is essential to play all the shots, and causes problems if not done correctly. The way to test if your grip is good is to put a piece of sting on the ground and take your stance with your toes along it. If you cannot swing the bat right along the string, you should change the grip to do so. Another point is to not hold the bat too low, so the top of the handle doesn’t get it the way of your forearm while driving.

Head Position

Your head should be positioned along the line of your feet, as opposed to leaning over. If your head it leaning over to the offside, you will start to hit around the ball and you are in danger of missing a straight ball. Your head may be slightly forward, over your front foot. This will help you getting your weight over the front foot while driving, stopping you from driving in the air.

Play in the V

This is also called playing straight. This is especially important when you are playing yourself in. Going by this motto is useful in more than one way. First of all, as you are playing with a straight bat, you are increasing your chance of hitting the ball. However, if you are always looking to play straight, you naturally see balls that are not straight. This means you can judge what to play and leave better.

Hit the Bad Ball

If you are blocking the good ball, then logically you must hit the bad ball to score any runs. When you have played yourself in, and you are just starting to accelerate, you should be punishing anything loose. This is not as complicated as it sounds. The loose balls are the ones too full or too short. If the ball is slightly short and straight, or going down the leg side, is should be a four ball and should be belted, preferably on the floor. If the ball is over pitched, on a half-volley, just lean into it and use your natural weight to hit it for four, with your foot to the pitch of the ball. If runs are needed early on, anything bowled on your pads should be runs too. However, this does not mean throw the kitchen sink at it. To hit off your pads, your just need to lean into the ball, keep the bat straight (as opposed to hitting across the line), and a flick of the wrists will send the ball boundary wards.

22 March 2013 – Medical College Ground – Trivandrum – Batting at number 6, Md Shanu scored half century against Kottayam in south zone U25 championship.

MCC Plays Muthoot ECC in Coromondal Trophy 2013 on 04 March 2013

MCC lost the match by 115 runs. ECC 251 in 28 overs(Sachin Baby 99), MCC 136/9 (Sajith kumar 38)

Murugan CC lost to Winners CC Thiruvalla by 5 wickets in IPO 20-20 Cricket Tournament on 03 March 2013 at Kollam

MCC – 122 in 20 overs (Mahadevan – 42, KR Girish – 29)
Winners CC – 123/5 (Kannan & Mahesh 2 wickets each)

Coromandel Trophy – MCC beat Pachalam CC by 6 wickets
Pachalam CC 111 All out – Sunil & Mahesh 2wickets MCC 112/4 – Vinod 46 Not out.