Welcome to Murugan Cricket Club

Four decades ago, a group of boys in the puthen street area, in their early teens, started playing cricket in the premises of Murugan temple near south fort, dreaming, like all boys of their age, of reaching the top echelon of country’s cricket. As a beginning in 1967 they started a cricket club, little knowing that they were instigating the birth of an institution, which would become luminary in the annals of club cricket in Trivandrum.

As was the norm in those days among the children, name of a god, Lord Murugan, was given to the club, hoping that it will help in bringing fame and glory to the club. [label type=”default” url=”http://murugancricketclub.com/~muruganc/?page_id=8″]More[/label] [cols][col size=”1/2″] [button type=”inverse” size=”medium”]◊[/button]  Celestial Trophy

Celestial trophy Cricket Tournament was introduced in 1995 when there were no tournaments in the least for the young talented cricketers in Trivandrum to prove their calibre. The tournament is being conducted successfully for the last 17 years and is rated one of the best all Kerala Tournaments.

The tournament offers prize money, with cash incentive from the quarterfinal stage. Being the only tournament conducted for the last 13 years in the capital city, the tournament is certain to receive wide media attention. Apart from the major dailies the tournament is  covered by major  TV channels and local cable networks.[/col] [col size=”1/2″] [button type=”inverse” size=”medium”]◊[/button]  Learn Cricket

How to play cricket can be confusing if you’re a newcomer, or simply if there isn’t a tradition in your background. But, once you understand the basics, its easy to build up your knowledge.

The same principles and terms apply to every form of the game, so once you have developed a good foundation, the sky’s the limit. This is true for young or old, male or female. And, if there’s a young cricketer in your family, you’ll have a great time supporting them too.[/col][/cols]