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The much-anticipated Champions Round of TPL 23 kicked off at Technopark Ground on February 23 with a refreshing twist in its format. This year, a total of 24 teams are in contention, with 8 teams earning their spot through a competitive Phase 2 qualification.

The tournament structure is organized into 6 groups, each consisting of 4 teams. This novel approach ensures intense competition as teams battle it out within their groups. The ultimate goal for each team is to emerge victorious in their respective groups and secure a coveted spot in the Super Six round.

The Super Six round promises to be a thrilling stage of the competition, where all qualified teams will face each other in a round-robin format. The stakes are high as only the best four teams from the Super Six will proceed to the playoffs, setting the stage for the most crucial phase of the tournament.

With this innovative format, TPL 23 is not only providing a platform for fierce competition but also introducing a more dynamic and unpredictable element to the journey towards the playoffs. Excitement is building as teams strive to outperform each other and secure their place in TPL history. The road to the playoffs is paved with challenges and surprises, making TPL 23 a spectacle for fans and a true test of the participating teams’ skill and resilience.


Technopark Premier League 2022

Technopark Premier League 2022 will start from 10th December 2022.152 teams will participate in the tournament.There are three phases. Qualifying round Phase 1 comprising of 88 teams, Qualifying round Phase 2 comprising 48 teams including 16 qualifiers from phase 1 and the championship round comprising 48 top teams including 16 qualifiers from phase 2.

Matches are played on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays .